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with Lynn Myrdal and Daniel Cardoso

Nyt Festivalen 2018 - Oslo - Norway



This panel will present, through Lynn Myrdal, a short summary of what has been done in terms of consensual non-monogamy (CNM) activism in Norway and what political strategies have been pursued, with what results, and what potentials or pitfalls are still to be realized. Next, Daniel Cardoso will put these efforts and strategies in a compared perspective, stemming from his research on CNM activism in different countries, and his own CNM activism, highlighting some of the main political and social challenges and victories that other communities have faced.

Attendants will be able to engage with experienced CNM activists and become acquainted with the development of CNM in different countries and cultures, potentially fostering new collaborations and modes of political action.


Myrdal, Lynn Steinset; Cardoso, Daniel. 2018. Poly-political: Activism and research on consensual non-monogamy. Nyt Festivalen 2018. Oslo, Norway



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