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December 3, 2020

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One of the functions of media, and journalism in particular, is to make new or different realities known to the public, to educate and inform with rigor and impartiality, and to allow the dissemination of diversity present in society.

Studying the way consensual non-monogamies (CNMs) are represented in the print media in Portugal and the UK, over the past decade, allows us to understand how the coverage of the theme has evolved, what language was used, which social actors were mobilized to talk about it, and it helps to understand what ideas are passed on to the general public.

This seminar is based on ongoing research, and will cover the theoretical, methodological and empirical aspects of inquiring about CNM representation. It will also explore its sociopolitical impacts, and focus on how social movements interact with journalism. The implications for social movements’ strategizing, media responsibility, and for political actors will make apparent the relevance of this research.



90-minute presentation

30-minute Q&A session