CNM-MOVES Marie Curie Fellowship



This research project focuses on the transnational comparative analysis of the similarities, differences, and connections between social movements that focus on Consensual Non-Monogamies (CNMs), both in Portugal and in the UK, with an emphasis on polyamory. It will consider how this political theme is taken up in different contexts, and how those contexts impact social movements, how they influence one another (via the geographical circulation of cultural products, activists, ideas and affects), how different macro- and micro-political strategies develop and interconnect with other social movements, and how they become enmeshed with the media representations produced about and by those groups. It focuses on the mediatization of intimate citizenship, as well as the history of activism and the interaction among social movements in Europe, and fills a gap in the extant literature on CNMs and sexual politics, opening up new understandings for Human Rights, citizenship, social and legal justice. The project takes into consideration the gendered, racial, sexual and classed aspects of political engagement and visibility, as well as the fluid definition of what is considered “political”. Funding for this project will allow the Experienced Researcher (ER) to considerably increase his academic and employability profile by advancing his position as a leading expert on CNM-related research in Europe; by improving his publication record in English; by allowing him to expand his areas of expertise into Political Theory, Sociology, Law, as well as reinforcing his expertise on gender and sexualities; by diversifying his methodological portfolio and allowing him to receive media, academic writing and PhD supervision training. MMU, the host institution, would benefit from diversifying its academic backgrounds, increase its international connections with other Higher Education Institutions, as well as its solidifying its role in the field of CNM-related research.




Non/monogamies: the new face of relationship diversity

Plenary Debate at the 14th Congress of the European Federation of Sexology


Meg-John Barker

Daniel Cardoso

Moderator: Patrícia Pascoal



Sexuality, Gender, Communication & Culture

Seminar Cycle



Daniel Cardoso (FCSH - UNL; ECATI - ULHT)

Marco Scarcelli (Università di Padova)


Del amor a la amistad: la política de las relaciones

Foi lançado em Outubro de 2015 o livro "(h)amor2", que conta com um texto meu.

Originalmente escrito em inglês, esta obra conta com um texto meu. A sua versão original pode ser consultada abaixo.

O link para mais informações sobre o livro está aqui (página no Goodreads), e o mesmo pode ser adquirido através da editora (aqui).

A referência bibliográfica (estilo APA) é a seguinte:

Cardoso, D. (2015). Del amor a la amistad: la política de las relaciones. In S. Cendal (Ed.), M. Pérez (Trans.), (h)amor2 (pp. 53–66). Madrid: Continta Me Tienes.