with Lynn Myrdal and Daniel Cardoso

Nyt Festivalen 2018 - Oslo - Norway



This panel will present, through Lynn Myrdal, a short summary of what has been done in terms of consensual non-monogamy (CNM) activism in Norway and what political strategies have been pursued, with what results, and what potentials or pitfalls are still to be realized. Next, Daniel Cardoso will put these efforts and strategies in a compared perspective, stemming from his research on CNM activism in different countries, and his own CNM activism, highlighting some of the main political and social challenges and victories that other communities have faced.

Attendants will be able to engage with experienced CNM activists and become acquainted with the development of CNM in different countries and cultures, potentially fostering new collaborations and modes of political action.


Myrdal, Lynn Steinset; Cardoso, Daniel. 2018. Poly-political: Activism and research on consensual non-monogamy. Nyt Festivalen 2018. Oslo, Norway





Masculinities in Suspension


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Performance organized by the Turku Peer Rope group.

September 9th, 2018

Turku, Finland


What connects us? What connects our humaneness, our sense of belonging, of being close? For many Assigned Male at Birth folx, their lives are built around disconnection – disconnection from emotions, from words, from listening, from kindness, from femininities. As bell hooks famously said, “The first act of violence that patriarchy demands of males is not violence towards women. Instead patriarchy demands of all males that they engage in acts of psychic self-mutilation […]”.

This performance looks at ropework as a means of emoting – of connecting. Of putting bodies and (re)gendered experiences in motion, in contact, bonding them to one another, and in doing so, dropping a bit more (just a bit more) the bonds of masculinity that keep us tied down in solitude and pain, instead of attached in empathy and care.


Daniel has been doing ropes for over 7 years, and has started off with workshops and performances recently. Rather than being an expert or ‘the’ expert, Daniel seeks to also learn in these situations, and increase his own interpersonal competences, awareness of the diversity of experiences people have with rope and learn to connect better to the world. Part of this means engaging and reimagining masculinities.

Valtteri: I took my first contact with rope bondage just about 7 years ago and fell in love with the art and experience. Ever since I have been on a constant journey of discovery and rediscovery of my relation to ropes, to bondage and most of all to my body and those who I trust my body to.


BDSM and Health

Workshop on BDSM and Health for the SCORA-X 2018, for Medicine Students.


Faculdade de Medicina - Universidade de Lisboa


Herm::aphrodite - World Première at the 7th Porn Film Festival Berlin (Oct. 2012)

Speeches at LGBT Pride Parades


At Lisbon's LGBT Pride Parade, 2010.


At Lisbon's LGBT Pride Parade, 2011. With English subtitles.


At Lisbon's LGBT Pride Parade, 2013. With English subtitles.